Miyamoto’s game solving system Patented by Nintendo

by radhika

No red-blooded gamer will ever admit that he’s stuck at a level of the game or doesn’t know how to get around it! However this hasn’t stopped Nintendo from filing US a patent for a system that could see gamers assisted by computer controlled characters on particularly tough sections of any future titles. Shigeru Miyamoto is said to be the inventor of the built-in cheat codes. One can expect a forma CD or online help being made available to gamers to help them navigate through tough parts of a game.

“In some of these games, a volume of the story or the scenario is too large, and therefore a lot of time is needed for clearing the game,” reads an explanation on the patent application.
“Further, in some cases, various puzzles are set in the scenario… However, there is a problem that these puzzles and the like are too difficult, and therefore the game may be stuck halfway, and the game may not be cleared to the end.”
“As means for solving the problem, disclosed is a game control method for lowering the difficulty level of a game by presenting, while the game is being played, a hint for allowing the game to be continued.”