Mitsubishi i-MiEV, the newest chef in town, now cooking green and eco-friendly meals!

by Gavril Mankoo

Besides getting you around in a clean and green way, electric cars these days seem to being a lot more, like dishing hot piping hot barbequed food! Recently, Mitsubishi showed-off the i-MiEV electric in Toyosu, Tokyo. And to prove just how green and versatile the car really was, model/actress Aki Higashihara and culinary student Gou Igarash together cooked herb sauté of autumn salmon, mussel and mushroom white wine fried rice, and cheese fondue, by simply using just the heat produced by the car! also, the soon-to-be-released external power supply by Mitsubishi was used to cook the meals, plugging in the i-MiEV for a shot of 1500W of cooking power, all hooked on to an induction stove and an electric range!


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