Mitsubishi D903i with voice security

by Dhiram Shah

Like Samsung even the Japanese are obsessed with flip phones and we are really surprised to see the Mitsubishi D903i a slider for NTTDoCoMo. It is more of a chic phone and is available in 4 girlie colors. The phone has a large 2.8 inch (240×400 pixel) display making it suitable for browsing the net, viewing documents, spreadsheets etc. Turn into a shutterbug with the 3.2 Megapixel camera which also supports video recording. The preloaded media player supports majority of audio and video formats which can be played via MicroSD card slot. With the built in FM transmitter you can listen to your favourite tunes in the car as well. Somehow the Japanese take security very seriously and the D903i has voice lock, so your phone can be unlocked if you and only you say the magic words. Not sure if your phone can be unlocked on a busy street.

The Mitsubishi D903i has a GPS transmitter which allows you to track your phone in case you drop it off somewhere.It goes without saying it is a Japan only phone.

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