Mitsubishi releases a sharp edged air conditioners because curves are too mainstream

by Gareth Mankoo

Why opt for something that doesn’t comply the norm? To be different, of course. Mitsubishi Electric have released a red and square air conditioner called the Kirigamine Style FL Series. The key differentiator in this one is the amazing texture on the body. The unique coating on the body of the air-conditioner offers a rich texture that looks fantastic in contemporary-styled dwelling places. It is available in Bordeaux Red and Power Snow colors. The color consistency is supported by the remote control that offers a similar texture, feel and shade. The air vent is present on the bottom portion of the air conditioner. The sharp edges make the air-conditioner look less like what it actually is and the enhanced colors make it appear as a design element hoisted up on your window.

The Mitsubishi Kirigamine Style FL Series air-conditioner is expected to hit the Japanese markets by late March for a yet undisclosed price. There’s also word of an FZ version available, which will most likely accommodate design changes.


[ Via : Itmedia ]