Mitsubishi Electrics new Kirigamine acs know if you’re in the room or not and direct air to specific parts of your body

by Shayne Rana

In the Air Conditioner space, the technology has been evolving at quite a steady pace and has now reached a new high. From the people at Mitsubishi Electric, all new air condition technology has just been unveiled that isn’t just smart but efficient as well. The company’s Kirigamine Z Series of AC’s have new additions that feature controls like “smart stop”, that allow the built in sensors to actually detect is a person is in the room. The technology not only balances out the temperature in the room keeping it stable according to your settings, but it also knows if you’re in the room and where you are when there. Think of it as a ‘Big Brother’ type AC unit that starts up the moment you walk into the room and shuts off when you’re not there saving energy. There’s a little more to it that makes these devices a little smarter than the average AC.

These new air con units have a total of 8 IR sensors that monitor body heat and adjust the four separate flaps in the device to manipulate the flow of warm or cool air dispersed to the hands and feet. The unit is constantly acquiring thermographic data of the room and those in it by making a pass over the room every 30 seconds and dividing the scanned area into quadrants. The unit analyses the data, is actually able to tell the location of people in the room and perceive their temperature. This ‘hybrid cooling’ setting regulates the cool air to specific parts of your body like your feet and head to ensure that your temperature is optimum. The tech has been around for awhile but this is first for the industry for a unit to not only know if a person is physically present in the room but to also know where exactly they are positioned. Its brilliant technology that actively anticipates your body’s functioning and adjusts itself to make you more comfortable. The age of smart machines is becoming a new reality. All 11 models in the series are dedicated to keeping your cool and are priced between the ranges of $2209 to $3729 (218,000 yen – 368,000 yen).








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