Mitsubishi Electric developing system to remove 96% of unwanted noise while using phones in hands-free mode

by Shayne Rana

You know how it can get quite difficult to send voice commands to your handset while you’re driving thanks to the variety of sounds emanating from all parts of the vehicle or outside? Well Mitsubishi has announced that they aim to do something about this. The company is developing what they call “noise removal technology” for their vehicle cabins and in-car systems to better accommodate voice calls or commands made while you’re on the road.

They’re take is that although traditional noise cancellation tech that most of our handsets come pre-loaded with helps provide for clear enough calls, there’s still plenty of room for improvement when using a phone in hands-free mode or when connected to your car’s system. Their system will help properly distinguish a human voice from all other sounds in the car’s cabin and should prove to be the best option while on the go. The idea is to try and remove at least 96% of all unwanted sounds to provide near crystal clear vocal tone. This will undoubtedly help with calling out navigation instructions to in-car systems, voice dialing, clear speech to text conversion and more. If this works out the technology can then be adapted for other areas like noisy factory floors, elevators etc.

It’s still a work in progress and could be made available come 2018 and incorporated directly into in-car systems et al. Though I’m quite sure once mobile manufacturers get wind of this, built-in noise cancellation tech for our phones themselves, will see a serious upgrade.

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