MIT researchers develop transparent screen that is practical to use

by Gareth Mankoo

Among many leading ideas that have scaled the ranks to be mere concepts, we see few transform into practical products. That’s why when we hear about amazing ideas put into practice, we have our faith in innovation restored. Take these transparent screens from MIT for instance. Known to bee too expensive in a large size and too narrow for viewing in their smaller avatars, these screens have stayed as possibilities for the distant future to resolve. However, the kind folk at MIT have developed a prototype nanoparticle display, which creates color images on a glass surface. This is made possible by ‘tuning’ a silver nanoparticle coating all the way until it lets only certain light wavelengths pass through. This technique is believed to be less expensive and enables compact versions of a transparent display to come alive.

It will be a while before the finished, mass-production version of the display finally touches shop floors. There’s no end to the possibilities that could come alive with something like this. I believe that besides entertainment and advertising, the Google Glass versions of the future could make do with one of these, for sure.

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