MIT Researcher develops a Futuristic Transparent Computer with 3D Virtual True Touch

by Sayan Chakravarty

Computer technology has massively improved over a span of few decades evolving rapidly, but comparatively the input/output devices or methods haven’t changed much. They have been upgraded in quality but are traditionally the same. Touch-Screens only give a 2D control, what if we get a 3D control? Jinha Lee, a researcher and PhD student at MIT, has developed a project dubbed the SpaceTop 3D Desktop Computer that works in 3D. The computer is transparent—of sorts. Computer manufacturers have demonstrated transparent displays and 3D interactive systems before at conventions, but they remain to be prototypes.

The computer has a transparent Screen, a camera on the screen, a keyboard with track-pad behind the screen and a set of cameras above the keyboard. These components amazingly work together to give the user a Holographic view that adapts to the user’s point of view. The user with his hands can operate projects on the computer in 3D. The prototype is still a little slow and has some ragged edges, but definitely has the potential to be something truly awesome, just look at the video and get completely spellbound!

SpaceTop, CHI 2013 (PREVIEW) from Jinha Lee on Vimeo.

[Via – Bitrebels]