Mister Disc – A personal portable phono system

by Dhiram Shah

Before the iPod, Discman there was Mister Disc which came in 1983 and most probably never made it to the public. Developed by Audio-Technica it was a portable stereo phono system which allowed you to listen to vinyl records anywhere anytime using the earphones. It was powered by internal batteries or AC power. Unfortunately it could not be used while moving and had to be kept on a flat surface for playback. Though it may sound like a dud but 24 years back in 1983 it would have been the coolest thing after the Walkman that is.
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  1. mike

    god i’d still love to have one of these. I’ve got a numark portable turntable, but this is pretty damn impressive. Sad it never made it to the public… where the hell did you come across this?

  2. Dave Wood

    I have one of these…I did buy it about 1983 overseas when I was in the Navy. itstill works, but, I lost the power adapter for it during the course of the years moving. I did use it While onboard ship, An Aircraft Carrier doesnt rock too much so i did get to listen to a few records back then.

  3. flibbitigibbet

    I saw one of these–or another product very similar to it–in stereo stores in the early 80’s. Might not have been this exact item, but it had the same look and shape, i.e. the record and tonearm were sticking out into space.

  4. L. Katz

    They did make the market. Now getting a good price on ebay…

  5. MisterE

    What this thing needs is some Orange foam-covered headphones and a 45 of The Superbowl Shuffle. Awesome!

  6. pcboy

    I was the product manager for Audio Technica when this came to market. It was first sold in Japan as the “SoundBurger” but we thought Mr. Disc was better for the US market. As most would guess, it did not sell well at all.

  7. oriol

    I have one of these in shiny red; I loved it back then and still today.

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