Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol to sport BMW i8

by Gavril Mankoo

With yet another seemingly impossible mission to complete, the world will soon have the next episode of Mission Impossible up at cinemas soon. This time too, Ethan Hunt, protagonist of the series, will spend his time in hand-to-hand combat, driving fast cars and shooting at the bad guys. And yes, from the trailer, seems like Hunt will also probably have a BMW i8 close at hand! The car has been sending shockwaves through the automotive industry right since BMW pulled the veil of it. A plug-in hybrid unlike any the world has ever seen before, the car, with its partly-transparent body work and aerodynamic design sports some pretty futuristic lines too. Well, we’re pretty sure the car will fit right into the latest rendition of Ethan Hunt’s exploits. What we’d hate to see however, is it being thrashed around!


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