Misoka toothbrush with Nanomineral coating lets you brush just once a day!

by Shalu Pillai

Brushing your teeth after every meal is recommended by dentists all over the world, but often enough not a possibility, resorting us to keep that down to two.. or dare I say once! Well, here’s a chance to make the most of that once. At the Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2011, Yumeshokunin exhibited the MISOKA, a toothbrush that keeps the teeth clean all day after brushing in the morning. How does this work? The tips of the bristles come with a nanomineral coating, causing the effect of this mineral to not just remove detritus, but also to make the surface of the teeth hydrophilic, simply through normal brushing.

This allows for your teeth to remain clean even after brushing just once in the morning, and after all those meals, snacks and whatever else you’ve had during the day. It is also expected to keep your mouth clean and free from odours. Convenient, eh?