Mipwr Dynamo iPhone case concept offers protection and battery backup

by Gareth Mankoo

There are some accessories that show you loyalty to pop stars and others that you simply cannot learn to live without. The latter applies to the Mipwr Dynamo iPhone case that is so smartly built that you wouldn’t doubt its ability to swoon you by merely reading the specifications. This particular Kickstarter initiative differentiates itself by doing so much more for your phone than just protecting it. It also offers useful battery backup when your device is at battery’s end. The charger in the case conjures electricity using a magnetic field and electromagnetic induction. All the user needs to do is crank the handle to make the magnet inside to spin, thus creating energy that is charges your phone up. The best part is that the energy can be derived as long as you have the will and strength to pump the case for a minute. This could provide enough power to make a 30-second call or send a text message across.

This iPhone case could particularly come in handy during natural disasters, maroonings and power outtages. The project aims to reach $78,000 on Kickstarter to see the light of day.

[Via – PSFK]

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