Mint a robotic mop

by Gareth Mankoo

Robots were long back seen as things that were totally sacred to the minds of those who love playing around with their inventions. But with all the preaching that we shouldn’t be ruled by them and stuff like that, we have reduced them to a par below that of servants. Behold the Mint robot mop. As the name suggests it helps clean up your home by picking up dust particles using a dry rag and later on switching to the wet cloth to polish things up. It makes use of indoor GPS tracking to make sure that the same spot is not cleaned twice and that it doesn’t leave any part of the room uncleaned.

However the drawback is that this one doesn’t find its way back to the charging station when out of charge. That is manually done. It cost just $250. May be this one will fit in a tighter budget with the Roomba getting ever more sophisticated and of course, expensive.

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