Miniature Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure arcade game brings arcade gaming fun, scaled down to fit on your desktop!

by Gavril Mankoo

With the world slowly moving out of those big houses into tiny apartments as urban populations rise higher than ever, not everyone has the luxury of having a full-fledged arcade game in their homes. Here’s a better way to enjoying your arcade-gaming time, without having to toss your refrigerator out just to make way for it all. This miniature pinball machine fits right on your table top, and was built by Justin Whitlock. A scaled down version of the Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure, Whitlock is also working on a Space Invaders, Rush’n Attack, Tron, and Frogger miniature arcade. With a price tag of $35, this seems to be a fun way to spend those fruitless hours at work too, given that you can simply slip it in a draw when your supervisor happens to pass by.