Mini Boombox GSM Cell Phone, get grooving

by yogesh

The Mini Boombox GSM Cell Phone is a slider cell phone that features a built in MP3 playing boombox, and a loud one at that! To activate it you just need to pop in your existing SIM card (AT&T/Cingular or T-Mobile). The mini boombox features a 1.3 megapixel camera, voice dialing, SMS/MMS messaging and WAP Browser. The phone can even read aloud the numbers of incoming calls using voice synthesis. This unlocked quad-band GSM Cell Phone comes with 256 MB of built in memory to store your MP3 music files or videos, and the storage is expandable up to 4GB via a Micro SD card slot. The flip side is that it will not work with Verizon or Sprint.

Among other features the Mini Boombox GSM Cell Phone supports MP3 or MIDI based ringtones, it has a built-in speakerphone, 1.5″ 65K Color TFT LCD Screen, Built-in MP3/MPEG4 Player Functions and 64 Polyphonic Sound. It will set you back by $149.99.

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