Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker can manage sound speed

by Gareth Mankoo

Han may have all his faith in the ever-failing light speed modules of the Millennium Falcon but you can rely on this one. The Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker is the ideal bring-home for the post Star Wars Episode VII party that you plan to host. It is the audio-jizz that every fanboy would love tapping into, simply because, when it isn’t playing anything it is a good old Star Wars collectible. Developed by iHome, the speaker offers one-touch connectivity to your Bluetooth devices. If you want to take the wired approach then you can connect via the 3.5 mm standard headphone jack and enjoy some pumping tones. The world is getting closer to the galaxy far, far away but this time you do not speak to a hologram but instead, can chat up all your contacts via this cool ship.

The Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker is official Star Wars merchandise and is made of acrylic sand. You can stream music from up to 30 feet away. It offers playback at 3W@1%THD for a cent under $50.

[ Available at : Thinkgeek ]