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MIlkmaid…the smart milk jug

by Neha Tandon Sharma

Technology gets us more help than we require but there’s no stopping that is there? Like this smart milk jug called Milkmaid, it notifies you if it’s running low on milk or if the milk is going bad with the help of built-in sensors. And not only does it keep you updated via SMS it also comes with additional GSM radio module, an antenna, SIM card and rechargeable battery.

The Milkmaid smart jug already stands as a winner of GE and Quirky contest and you may or may not be glad to know that the design and engineering phase of this jug is completed. Till it goes into production you better stay alert and enjoy your milk.


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  1. Maydiamonds28

    this is so cool when does it go on the market, will there be any other colors,  and how much does one hold……


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