MIIMO Robotic lawnmower from Honda all set for European release by early 2013

by sam

We are moving towards a future that seems to be destined to make us more and more lazy with each passing day and at times you wonder if you could do away with that monthly payment of the Gym membership and just work a bit more around the house. But then, both modern lifestyle and our own set habits seem to barely allow us to do so. And the MIIMO Robotic lawnmower seems another step towards the ‘Wall-E-styled’ future, where even moving our fingers seems like a great ordeal.

The robotic Lawnmower from Honda will be available in Europe starting 2013 and that means within 4 months or so, you can do away with mowing the lawn manually and put this little automated wonder to work. MIIMO is designed to cut 2-3mm of grass at a time and can work within the set boundaries of your lawn thanks to the installation of wire that is placed around the lawn. Available in two versions the MIIMO 500 can take care of a lawn that is half the size of a football field and with bump sensors and an ability to automatically return to charging station before it runs out of juice, MIIMO almost needs no human surveillance.

While there are no details on the pricing of the automated lawnmower as of now, expect Honda to market it aggressively as it appeals to those who barely have the time to mow their lawns and also to those who are too lazy to do it.


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