Miffy’s 55th birthday gift is this cool MP3 player

by Gareth Mankoo

If you’ve had Miffy all over your being and merchandise then there’s no doubt that it will have a soft-corner reserved for it in your lovable head. Even if you’ve grown to be one of the badass bikers we see moving around on their Harley’s we’re sure that you wouldn’t mind getting a Miffy tattoo on your unmentionables, leave alone a MP3 player that comes with 2GB inbuilt memory and is shaped like the cute little rabbit. It will support WMA files as well and will connect via USB 2.0.

This Miffy is totally inspired by the original that has lasted 55 years. This one will be as durable as 14 hours with continuous playback. 4,980 yes ($53).
[AV Watch]

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