Miele Presents the World’s Quietest Dishwasher

by yogesh

The new G 2002 La Perla is not only the quietest dishwasher ever but also represents a giant leap forward in dishwashing innovation. These dishwashers also speed up wash programs by 10-15%, thanks to Turbo feature. Sensor Dry, the most advanced drying system on the market, analyzes room temperature to calculate the optimal water heat, rinse aid distribution and drying time, and saving energy. The Drying Plus feature of this quietest dishwasher automatically opens the door to aid in drying. The Auto Close function softly shuts the door to start the process all over again.

Miele proprietary Clean Touch Steel beautifully resists scratches, fingerprints and smudges. The pump is likely the quietest dishwasher pump ever incorporated, and it even aids in lowering water consumption, as the water is pumped alternatively between the upper and lower spray arms. Miele also sets the standard for dishwasher capacity with its patented third level cutlery tray that frees the lower basket to load plates, large platters, pots and more. The upper and lower baskets are very adjustable providing space flexibility like no other dishwasher today. This new line by Miele will be the highest performing and quietest dishwasher, and becomes available in US sometime in the fall of 2008.
Via – Gizmodiva

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