Microsoft’s Future Home may end up taking up more space

by Gareth Mankoo

With everything else getting smaller and integrated, we see something totally contrary to contemporary trend. The Future Homes from Microsoft will have humungous tables (refer video) that will most likely occupy more of your living room than your current scrawny, ageing computer table does. Turn on the flame for a new beginning under the wings of a brand new look and feel to computing. It’s a great feeling to have a lifeless table suddenly yell out to you, telling you that it’s time to clean up the place and send your friends packing since the woman of the house is on her way home. Wow! I could do with one of these.

There is a lot more happening all around us and we have no idea of it. Let’s wait till the next video comes out. No idea what that has in store for us. Maybe a bedroom that sings us lullabies.

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