Microsoft working on ViFi to enable VOIP while you drive

by mohsin

Driving is a pleasure if you live in a deserted town or city, but even there we are faced with the inevitable reality called traffic. The only available options while we wait endlessly looking at the cars ahead are the music or the phone. In a unique alliance between the University of Massachusetts, Microsoft and the University of Washington a new technology called ViFi (an alternative of Wi-Fi but for Vehicles) Microsoft want all the eye balls it can get on the road by jointly developing an advanced technology to get a very steady signal while users drive. Wi-Fi has a bad reputation while moving because of something called ‘hard handoffs’ its when a Wi-Fi user is travelling and the distance from the base station becomes too long which results in a station switch and a sharp fall in connectivity. Microsoft wants to use multiple base stations simultaneously so that the strongest strength gets designated the “anchor” system, but other systems are also used as “auxiliary” systems.

Now when the user moves from base station to an auxiliary then a complex algorithm decides if there is a considerable drop in connectivity and makes any available auxiliary system as the ‘anchor’. Initial testing at the Microsoft’s campus in Washington and found the system eliminated nearly all the problems of network hopping, making VOIP while in your car a reality.

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