Microsoft unveils Limited Edition Arc Touch Mouse to commemorate 30 Years of Hardware

by Gavril Mankoo

Microsoft is more than just a company that rolls out regular doses of the Windows Operating System and has been known to be a pretty strong-footed player in hardware development too. Now, to celebrate 30 long years of hardware manufacturing, the company has dished out this limited edition Arc Touch Mouse. Only 30 units of this commemorative piece of hardware will be manufactured with the number 30 and the legend “30 Years of Hardware” emblazoned on it. The mouse also sports a rubber texture on the palm rest, which according to us, is a pretty sweet touch to the otherwise unflattering device.

With a certificate of authenticity signed by Senior User Experience Lead Young Kim, and Brett Kelleran, the General Manager of Microsoft Hardware, this limited edition Arc Touch Mouse will remain a one-of-a-kind peripheral.

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