Microsoft announces Windows Phone 8 OS merging together desktop PCs and smartphones

by Gavril Mankoo

Microsoft’s on the roll these days and has recently stunned the world with the new Surface tablet. The technology giant has gone a step further with the unveiling of its upcoming mobile OS, the Windows 8 platform, designed to help desktop computers and smartphones synchronize better. Also, unlike the Windows Phone 7 OS, the new platform will share the same Windows core and drivers with Windows 8, making connectivity between systems running these two platforms easier. This will enable Windows Phone 8 support for IPv6, better Bluetooth and NFC, a Direct3D graphics core that enables hardware acceleration, and C and C++ in turn making sharing APIs and games easier.

Also, the Windows Phone 8 will include Internet Explorer 10, an anti-phishing filter and better HTML5 support making it a worth-a-wait release indeed.