MicroFridge products to save space and cost

by shilpa

Gone are the days for the common man to even dream of a home with a beautiful garden or front lawn and back yard or kitchen garden. Space is a huge issue these days. People are so greedy to suck out rents out of tenants that they are actually building apartments that can be called tents or huts stacked one over the other than full-fledged flats. MicroFridge came up with a new line of products to help you save some space in your tiny apartments. Each MicroFridge appliance combines the features of a refrigerator, freezer and microwave in a single unit. It measures over two cubic feet of storage space, with a 0.75 cubic foot capacity for the freezer. Food preparation is made easy thanks to a fully programmable 700-watt microwave oven, while the refrigerator’s Smart Store Door enables upright storage of two-liter bottles or half-gallon containers to do away with leaks and spills which often result during the storage of tall containers on their side. The MicroFridge comes in classic black, white and stainless steel models and costs around $425.

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