Microchips now embedded into medicines are going to be hard to swallow for those who don’t like taking pills

by Shayne Rana

Those trying to avoid taking their meds are going to have a major problem soon as technology is going to make it near impossible to cheat. Researchers at the University of Florida have developed a new capsule delivery system for patients that ensure that what pills you’ve apparently swallowed under left under your tongue but ingested properly. The microchip embedded in the capsule comes with an antenna printed onto the surface of the pills with silver nanoparticles. This will inform physicians or family members of when a pill has been taken so they can not only monitor intake but also make sure that it’s actually ingested properly. The receptor can be a device that’s worn that also sends signals to a computer or phone. Oh and don’t worry the antenna breaks down in the system and as for the chip, well don’t be surprised if you hear a couple of low ‘clinks’ when you’re doing your business.

The system is powered by tiny bursts of low-voltage charge transmitted from this external device. This prototype system could be a serous pill (pun intended) for those who hate taking pills.

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