Micro Windmill Mobile Charger

by Dhiram Shah

The Micro Windmill Mobile charger is developed by NV Satyanarayana a science graduate based in India. It uses Wind to charge the Mobile phone. It is basically a small fan with blades of 10 cms diameter connected to a generator with an output wire which connects to your mobile phone. The average efficiency of windmills is found to be 35 per cent as compared with five to 15 per cent of solar units. The components are weather proof so you can use it any weather conditions and being lightweight it can be carried easily. Batteries of Laptops. Handhelds, MP3 players, Videogames can be charged using the Micro Windmill Charger.

The Micro Windmill Mobile Charger is currently in development stage and not available for sale.


  1. ashu

    it is indeed very good product,please tell me what is its cost.?

  2. prashant

    i liked this product very much. it is indeed a great invention. i would like to know about the price of this product and can u provide the contact details about the person who made this product? would appreciate if provided the contact details with the address

  3. saravana

    pls ,…. give circuit diagram for this project……

  4. saravana

    give me the details about the generator which is used ,,,…


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