Micro Luggage Skate Scooter makes you forget travel woes

by Gareth Mankoo

When the flight unfailingly reaches your departure terminus a few hours late, when the jet lag weighs down on your tired nerves and when your bulk of luggage is a bulk to deal with, even if it’s just a suitcase, who do you turn to for respite? Don’t say that it’s the bootilicious attendant. She wouldn’t care less. It’s this awesome Micro Luggage Skate Scooter that will make your troubles scoot away and make you an instant hit at the terminal. Now your luggage will carry you around town with a bright skip in your stride and the cold, terminal win in your hair. How innovative.

The Micro Luggage Skate Scooter has the scooter part that can be folded either way. The usual handle on a suitcase serves as a steering mechanism here.
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