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MIcky phone designed by BMW

by Dhiram Shah

Allrite this is no typo but the phone is actually named Micky and from the machine translation it seems the phone is made by a company named Omnipotence. The super slim phone is like the Vertu of the East, surprisingly the phone is designed by BMW in Munich Germany. The phone is just 10mm thick and sports a 1.3 Megapixel camera, feather touch buttons for menu navigation, Micro SD card slot for memory expansion and a media player for video and audio playback. It comes in a leather box and is accompanied by a treny leather case.
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Source (In case you know Chinese please help us out with this)

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  1. cwkhang

    OMG, this phone is pirated made in China. You can see some unrelated labels ‘design in BMW’ and ‘design in USA’ on its cover.


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