Messages engraved on hot dog sausages using lasers make mouths water

by Gavril Mankoo

Nothing gets better than a meaty-mustard-sauce-packed hot dog than, well, a meaty-mustard-sauce-packed hot dog with a custom message inscribed with a personalized laser cutter! Created by Adam of X-Laser fame in commemoration of Independence Day 2012 using a custom set Epilog Helix 35W laser cutter, these “bespoke” hot dog sausages are crafted to impress! With a little bit of creativity in tow, you could probably engrave messages on hot dog sausages for yourself and create quite the impression indeed. Also, laser cutting messages into hotdog sausages does not, in any way, compromise the flavor of these mouth-watering delicacies and if you’d ask us, these custom messages seem to make hotdogs a lot more appetizing!