Mesmerizing Diamond Stereo Speakers

by Dhiram Shah

The last time I wanted to groove in shiny lights I went to the disco. This time however my pals and I did it different. We switched off the room lights and the action began with the light show put up by the iLit speaker system. Pulsating to every beat of the music, the LED show had an intoxicating effect. Grooving to the music while the Sparkling lights raced up and down the towers in perfect sync with the intensity of the sound, made the speakers look cool! The good thing is that it connects to almost anything; iPod, PC or notebook, CD, MP3, radio or gaming system. Hey even if you disconnect from your music device and the iLit speaker system will continue to respond to the ambient sounds in the room.

The iLit Diamond Stereo Speakers Measures: 4.74”Wx10.43”Hx2.5”D and cost $49.95

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