Mersive’s Humvee-360-degree high-definition military simulator

by yogesh

Mersive’s Humvee is a 360-degree high-definition military simulator that lets you experience military action in a way that you’re never going to forget easily. The simulator allows you to drive a Humvee and fire real weapons with absolute precision, including machine guns and rocket launchers, anywhere you want. It uses 10-projectors to simulate the military environment via Mersive’s Sol system. The Sol system is a calibration, warping and sub-pixel image blending technology that may transit from military simulators to your homes in the near future. It can get any number of projectors and project a single huge image over a surface of any shape and size. Gizmodo’s Jesús Díaz spoke with Mersive’s Sales and Marketing Manager Robert Bolen regarding the sim, catch it after the jump.

Gizmodo interviewed Mersive’s Sales and Marketing Manager Robert Bolen who, in addition to explaining how the technology works, told me what are their hopes for a potential commercial release of the system.
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