Mercedes Benz rolls out invisible F-Cell Car

by ruchi

If you have been waiting for an invisibility cloak all your life, Mercedes Benz’s latest project will definitely delight you. Using optical camouflage technology researchers at Mercedes Benz created the illusion that their new zero emissions F-Cell car is not even there at all. They have drawn this from the principal that to see through something you need to see what’s behind it. Hence the driver’s side of the car is covered with sheets of LEDs and there is a digital SLR camera mounted on the opposite side of the vehicle.

The camera captures video on the passenger side of the car which is then displayed in real time on the driver side of the automobile. This approach is same as the principles of the blue screen used by TV weather forecasters and Hollywood filmmakers. Something like this does invite a lot of apprehension when it comes road safety and other concerns whereas the forever-happy folks would find this delightful for they could dream about parking anywhere at all without getting a ticket.

[Via Cnet]