Mercedes gives a glimpse of the future by posting a video of its driverless research vehicle

by Sayan Chakravarty

How long before our world starts to look like the Jetsons’ cartoon? Possibly we won’t have to wait too much before the fiction turns into reality. We already have a jetpack that’s ready to be put into production next year and a couple of years more, we’ll have driverless self-driven vehicles transporting us. Companies like Google, Nissan and Mercedes, to count a few, are hard at work to attain this amazing feat and Tesla’s recent announcement to join the race makes it even more interesting. Mercedes recently showcased their technology by successfully navigating a driverless S 500 research vehicle through a 60 mile route on urban and rural roads.

The video posted by Mercedes goes on to show how close we are to seeing this long time dream come true. Vehicles have more or less remained the same ever since they were invented but this addition will be a huge leap forward. Though most of us consider driving as pleasure and not a mere necessity, but cases of accidents due to negligent driving are only growing making the need of driverless cars pretty compelling. Engineers at Mercedes are trying to factor every possible angle to make the system foolproof. We might get to witness this technology built into cars as early as 2020. Check out the video posted by Mercedes, its wicked cool!


[Via – Core77]