Mercedes Benz ‘illuminates’ logo for 2014 E, GL, M and CLS Class vehicles

by Shayne Rana

Symbols are what ‘drive’ today’s world and like many others the Three-Pointed Star in a circle that adorns the forward and rear personas (amongst others) of the Mercedes is one of the most famous. In their recent announcement, Mercedes Benz has decreed that their next set of uber sexy, super swanky automobiles will now be fitted with illuminated emblems available as a dealer-installed option on the 2014 E-Class, 2013+ GL-Class, 2012+ M-Class and 2006+ CLS-Class. Does it really need to be more visible? Perhaps not, but that’s not going to stop the Germans (as if anything can) from ‘shining the light’ on the brand a little more than usual. The world famous emblem will be using LED and light tube tech to give the logo and parts of the exteriors a cooler look. Not that it needed it, but that’s evolution I suppose. The emblem and possibly a portion of the grill area will light up when the key fob is used to unlock the car.

So if you were ever unsure about what car that is parked in the shadows, you’ll certainly know for sure now.

Check out the video after the jump.

[Via – Autoblog]