Men can no longer pee in peace, thanks to talking urinals!

by Dhiram Shah

Now it won’t be possible for a man to pee in peace, as urinals across the country will be equipped to broadcast public messages. Urinals have been fitted with the Wizmark Urinal Communicator, a waterproof, disposable drain cover embedded with electronics that senses a visitor and then relays an audio message. The proximity sensor detects someone approaching within about 30 to 60 centimetres. A few seconds later, the detection lights flash, and a pre-recorded audio announcement starts playing. The device has a nine-centimetre diameter display area containing a lenticular screen that features multiple images or text that, and as the person moves toward the urinal, they appear to change from one graphic to the other.

Dr Richard Deutsch, its inventor, said the device can be programmed to play anything from beer commercials to public service announcements promoting responsible drinking, and has been designed to fit over the drain of standard-sized urinals. It also acts as a deodoriser with a disinfectant base, he said. Safety officials in Nassau County, New York, have already acquired 100 copies of the Wizmark, funded by fines from those caught driving while intoxicated.


  1. F*** off

    This thing sucks….

  2. Damn u

    Damn u now i use toilets to pee…

  3. D. Runk

    If a guy actually is drunk, the last thing he needs is to think that the urinal is talking to him……hahahaha I wonder what happens when the urinal doesn’t drain properly, does is sound like the voice is under ‘water’….kinda bubbly?

  4. shona

    Yep, thinks toilet is speaking, gets the hell out of there and gets into an accident!


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