Memorytube – Instant memories

by Dhiram Shah

Memorytube Kiosks Ltd is a pioneering new interactive touch screen kiosk which will enable people to download photographs from their mobile phones and on to a hard drive while they are still at the event. The interactive Memorytube kiosks can be placed at a wedding ceremony and guests can then download images from their cameras or camera phones on to the kiosk’s hard drive. There is also a small camera at the top of the kiosk which guests can use to record messages to the bride and groom and add text based messages to the host’s digital guest book which is compiled to a wonderful DVD album following the event.

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds can then download the images and videos on to CDs for themselves. The promoters hope that competing companies offering disposable cameras were charging around £300 for the wedding package, a price they believe to bring down with the Memorytube.