Meltdown sink from WET is the world’s first multimedia sink

by yogesh

The Italian group WET has a lot to be proud of. Their bathtubs, washlets and sinks add a dash of kitsch to the bathroom and surely at the helm is the Meltdown sink, which is probably the world’s first multimedia sink! Wacky as it sounds (no pun intended), the Meltdown features an internal, amplified speaker system, which hooks up to any CD or MP3 source. Its constructed from 100% recyclable & light-weight Polyethylene. A special Teflon treatment has ensured a shining effect and a dirt-free surface. This treatment in fact improves the superficial qualities of the material substantially, as it completely closes its natural micro-porosities. The whole sink lights up with the help of 2 x 20 watt halogen bulbs and can illuminate the entire bathroom. What’s more Meltdown has an internal projection-shield that can project images from inside to its surface. You can even personalize the images projected to incorporate your company logo or opt for the ones available with WET.

WET’s Meltdown washbasin is available in translucent orange, lemon, or white, as well as black. No word on pricing.
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