This medicine box remembers your dosage and reminds you about it

by Gareth Mankoo

Developed by Japan’s Takara and Tomy group, this intriguing little medicine box is something that could save a life or if not that, then a lot of discomfort that can be endured each time you forget to take your scheduled medicines. The name of the medicine box translates to Smile Medi-kun. It comes with a neat little compartmentalized tray at the bottom in which the medicines can be stored for future consumption. It is easy to work with and allows you to store pre-recorded reminder messages. This simplicity can be greatly beneficial to seniors as well. It measures around 146 mm x 95 mm x 100 mm and is powered by three AA alkaline batteries. It weighs just about 270 grams. I wonder if it also has room to accommodate those syrups that taste like death itself.

The project is set up at crowdfunding site MAKUAKE. Priced at an equivalent of just under $50, this could be one life saver of an innovation.


[ Via : Makuake ]

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