Medea Vodka Bottle packs in a LED strip

by iona

I am a firm believer in: “it’s what’s inside that counts” and I shall stand by that as I tear apart this ridiculous sales gimmick by Medea vodka. Possibly unsure of the quality of the contents of their vodka bottles, Medea has decided to use a techno-trick to try and shift some by adding a customizable moving LED reader board to each one. Up to six messages on bottles can be programmed, with a maximum 255 characters per message. The content of the LED messages that scroll across the bottle is entirely up to you. Messages are probably best programmed before consuming too much alcohol or you may end up insulting the hot girl you wanted to seduce, or getting bashed by her boyfriend. I cannot vouch for the vodka, but cannot help feeling that if it were any good, Medea would not need to market it with such a cheap trick, and would not get away with selling it at such a huge price.

Medea’s LED message bottle won a ‘double gold’ at the 2010 San Francisco Spirits Packaging Competition. A bottle will cost between $35 and $45.