McDonalds spends $2.2 Million Dollars on Nintendo DS eSmart training ‘game’ flipping burgers just became more fun

by Shayne Rana

More from the Japanese isle says that McDonalds Japan is now working with Nintendo, literally speaking, on training program for their employees. Their program, called ‘eSmart’ is designed to help part-time employees train in the art of fast-food service. This may cost one of the world’s premiere fast-food chains a whole lot of ‘dough’ (pun intended), we’re talking about 200 million yen which works out to about $2.2 Million Dollars but according to the company it’ll cut down their training time by half. This may be the first time gaming technology is being used to teach someone how to flip a burger pattie or make fries.
Via – [Gizmodiva]