McDonalds gives MP3 players infected with spyware as prizes

by Dhiram Shah

If it is not lawsuits then there is virus infected MP3 players, the fast food giant is always in the news. It all started in August when McDonalds Japan in association with Coca Cola announced a contest, where a MP3 player was awarded upon sending the unique number on the Coke glass as a text message. In all 10,000 winners were announced and each got a Mac branded flash DAP preloaded with 10 tunes. However the MP3 players were infected with QQpass a very dangerous malware. So your PC is infected once you connect the DAP and it starts logging and transmitting username, passwords and other vital information. McDonalds Japan has apologized and set up a 24 hour helpline for those affected by the spyware loaded MP3 player.
UpdateApple ships Video iPods with Windows virus

McDonalds Japan has also set up a private inquiry to look into the matter.
Via – McDonalds holdings Japan (Japanese)


  1. Jamie

    You mean Apple Branded? And also iPod?

  2. Joe

    No, he means Mac as in McDonalds.

  3. dc

    I think he means McDonalds branded.

  4. Dave

    fuck macdonalds. got fat?

  5. Lachlan

    as in MACdonald branded

  6. Paul Stamatiou

    He means Mac as in McDonald’s..

  7. Chapin

    No, I’m fairly certain “Mac Branded” meant “McDonalds” branded…see the big M on it? Its not Apple / iPod.

  8. Montoya

    It’s a cheapo PC mp3 player, not an iPod. And wow, how dumb.

  9. Billy

    That makes a great story. I got a trojan with my happy meal!

  10. Allan Button

    They pro’ly mean MacDonalds Branded, just guessing from the picture of the device with the huge “M” on the side…
    I could be wrong.
    – Allan

  11. XA04

    Sorry, no offence but I will believe this when I see it from a trusted news source. This all seems a bit WAY TOO clumsy.

  12. andrew

    No, mac, as in the Macdonald’s logo. I find this funny, as I use Ubuntu religiously. Ha! Windows pansies…

  13. mr_step

    i think they mean MACdonalds branded.

  14. Pissed off uber geek

    What is with people and ipods? They aren’t that great. Although Apple does suck too, what makes you n00bs think of Apple in this article? he one “Mac” mention… Thats refering to McDonalds. You might have picked that up if you weren’t a moron.
    iHate iPods!!!

  15. Tim

    I think he means McBranded…

  16. Christoph

    I assume (and looking at the picture this is a very strong assumption) that he meant “Mc-brandet” – it’s a cheap-ass flashplayer in red with the golden archs on it.

  17. Jomie

    No, not Apple Branded. The Mac reference was to McDonalds.

  18. Ingen

    Probably meant ‘Mac’Donald branded.

  19. Jesse

    No, they mean “Mac” as in a nickname often used for McDonalds.

  20. MasterCheese

    I think he means McDonald’s branded, not Apple.

  21. Anonymoose

    Mac = McDonalds
    MP3 Player != iPod
    Reading is FUNdamental!

  22. j5

    No, Mac as in McDonalds, Apple doesn’t make an mp3 player that looks like that. Engage brain first please.

  23. Laura

    I took Mac branded to mean McDonalds branded, as the cup shows a MccDonalds branded mp3 player that definitely isn’t Apple branded. It’s a bit of a misleading way to put it in the article, though.

  24. Anonymous

    Mac as in McDonald’s. >_>

  25. james

    mac as in macdonalds branded!!!

  26. Herm

    Mac = Mc Donalds 😉

  27. ted

    no mac as in macdonands

  28. K

    Mac branded means MacDonald. Not Macintosh. They were not apple branded or iPods.

  29. bobdole

    No, I think they mean McBranded

  30. NeoSquirrel

    Oh, brilliant. You’d think that some conglomerate behemoth like McD’s would have checked this kinda thing out… Probably too busy trying to make up funky, inedible food items to play to the yuppies.

  31. Patrick

    I think Mac in this case refers to McDonalds.

  32. jamie is gay

    no jamie your just jealous you can afford an ipod

  33. Albert

    No, you n00b. Mac as in McDonald’s.

  34. Velli

    LOL, “Mac branded” is MacDonalds-Branded not Mac(Apple)

  35. Faggot

    Who/where are you’re source ?
    Where is the McDonald’s helpline numbers ?
    What mp3 players is it ? Build by who ?
    Damn, the intarweb is the fisrt source for stories without any sources…

  36. Bert

    Well, Jamie, it seems you have never seen an iPod, have you?
    Btw malware does not have any effect on an Apple computer.

  37. bonehead

    i cant get over u guys. the issue isnt what brand of product u r looking at here. its the fact that you are buying a product from a supposedly reputable company that is once again trying to pull the wool over your eyes and screw with your personal things that they have no write to do. dont be fools and let them get away with this or it will happen again. what more can i say.

  38. Toggo

    Oh shit Micky Dees.. I thought this was steak king! Just give me a goddamn orange!

  39. aardvark

    XA04, me too. That is, I’ll believe it whenever there is such a thing as a trustworthy news source. These days, you probably should trust bloggers more than incorporated channels.

  40. l.m.orchard

    After a page or so of saying it, I think everyone understands that the Mac is for McDonalds now. If you’re going to say it again, at least be original or more amusingly abusive about it.

  41. Fox 1337

    pls glue my stuck into teh fox suit lol. brown nose>black nose.

  42. sef

    all you fags keep trying to show how clever you are by telling ONE guy who didnt know the difference between an APPLE MAC and a MCdonals MAC are dicks- how many replies do we need- this has simply spoiled an interesting comments thread. cocks.

  43. nrml_person

    does anybody here ever look at the posts before replying, there must be a hundred replys about the brand of mp3 player in question, spanning like two days worth of posting. what a bunch of morons, you deserve an infected computer!

  44. mightymike

    Look at the picture idiots! It’s not an iPOD!

  45. Hoju

    Wait…is that Mac as in Apple Mac?

  46. Eric

    ~Nobody~ deserves an infected computer. All this because of a confusion between the iPod and the Macintosh.

  47. Ghoulie

    I like McDonalds fries. Yummy!

  48. yep

    i think he means MAC as in McDonalds and not Macintosh

  49. htalabis

    what ipod?

  50. Ivan

    ICE MC for you, hauahauahuaha, MC FAT SPY, only 3$99, MC FAT Coca-cola 1$99, MC potato 1$99.
    And we All dance away with the MCs big red musical potatos!

  51. stupid

    This question arises. Who is dumber, the one not examining the picture or the thousands others saying the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again?

  52. LiKeMiKeS

    [quote=Jamie October 14, 2006 7:24 PM]
    You mean Apple Branded? And also iPod?[/quote]
    You were right! to question the content, but if you had clicked the link next to the big [b]UPDATE[/B] link at the bottom of the article [url=”https://www.newlaunches.com/archives/video_ipod_shipped_with_windows_virus.php”][u]Apple ships Video iPods with Windows virus[/u][/url]
    – you wouldn’t have written what you did! =|
    Yes it is an MP3/DAP Player(No mention of product manufacturer) from and branded as McDonalds with the ‘QQpass’ Trojan(Very Nasty), and Yes Apple did distribute a ‘Video iPod’ for Windows based PC’s with the ‘RavMonE’ Virus(also Nasty) – both of which are backdoor type Malware! See, now that didn’t hurt a bit did it? 😀
    I couldn’t believe how many(about 90%) people were just ragging on you – instead of taking a few extra minutes to explain that you were right! The reason being?, they didn’t know themselves! – because they didn’t click on the ‘Video iPods’ link either!
    Jamie, if you come back and happen to read this – please understand, they know not what they do until they’re done! K!
    So, hopefully this little excerpt will restore your faith in the common surfer – at least to the point that you can say, “there’s still hope out there somewhere!” 🙂
    Although if you’ll notice, this site is an AD driven search engine, focused on selling the same type of products as the articles they publish!
    Something to ponder! aye?

  53. limbo

    mac means mcdonalds not macintosh

  54. YouStupidAsses

    how many morons are going to reply the same damn thing? Doesnt anyone ever read the comments before they post? Apparently not. Lazy ass lamers

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  56. Dkris

    I think im feelin a big mac right about now =)

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