McDonald’s new app trials aim for smartphone payments at selected locations in the USA

by Gareth Mankoo

McDonald’s are always slinging the innovation gun. This time they’ve found their purpose in a smartphone app that could greatly convenience folks. According to a report by Bloomberg News, the company is testing a new app that could make payments possible on your smartphone. This could mean that all you have to do is go and pick the steaming hot burger. All this, from a drive-in window or ‘curbside’. McDonald’s is testing the app out in Salt Lake City and Austin. A spokesperson from the company said, “We are testing some of these technologies in a few markets, so it’s premature to speculate on the decisions we may make after the tests, but we’re excited to bring a cutting-edge experience in the future to our customers.”

This is quite a development in the fast food chain’s added efforts to increase convenience for its clients. Last year they worked out a PayPal payment method for the French as well as free Wi-Fi for its customers at a number of locations.

[Via – The Verge]