McDonald’s Fry Defender app will protect your fries from theft

by Shruti Shree

Aren’t we all habituated to take (or steal?) our friend’s or sibling’s fries once ours is over? You can tell the truth, no shame in it, they are so irresistible, no one can control the urge to commit this crime. Even if we have not done this, we have been a victim of the great fries theft. Next time you leave your fries on the table and decide to go to the washroom, your smartphone can guard your fries. Really, if a thief with evil intentions of devouring those even touches your fries, a loud alarm will go off, yes you can hear it even when in the loo. Such a relief! Next time you can pee in peace without thinking about the quantity of fries on your tray. The smartphone app which will protect your fries when you are away from them can be downloaded on iOS or Android is called Fry Defender made by McDonald’s. The app will turn your smartphone into a motion sensor, just activate the defender near your food and dare anyone touch it, they will be busted.

The app has been released only in Canada as of now, as Canada has very high incidences of this crime. Almost 99 percent of the population has done it sometime in their life. All jokes apart, McDonald’s has adopted a really cool and fun way of advertisement. Canadians, you cannot live without this app, can you? Then you can download it now from the App Store. Unfortunately, rest of the world will have to wait for this important app to release.