Maxell SoundBoard MXSP-SB1000 and MXSP-SB2000

by deepa

When you look at most of the 2.1-channel music systems we have available, you look at distintly spaced tweeters and woofers, made to give you a more wholesome experience. But minusing space these would really be good. That however has been taken care of by a pair of Maxell SoundBoards. The MXSP-SB1000 is the first of the two and offers 10W x 2 channels + 30W setup. The MXSP-SB2000 gets even better by upping the performance to a 4-channel system instead. Both systems
pack HDMI support.

The MXSP-SB1000 will cost you 13000 Yen while the MXSP-SB2000 will come for 20000 Yen. The latter will also support SRS 3D, TruBass, and Focus Surround Sound.