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Maxell MXSP-1000 the coolest iPod dock yet

by Dhiram Shah

Shaped like a long tube the MXSP-1000 speaker and iPod dock from Maxell Japan is one of the coolest we have come across. It features a dock connector for iPodsand a 3.5 mm stereo connector for connecting other audio devices. The speaker unit is made from aluminium and has and delivers an output of 4.8w x 2 ch. A remote control is also provided for performing basic operations like volume control, play, track change, etc. The unit can also be hooked on to a wall using the provided stand.

The measures 600×50×50mm and weighs 810 grams, it will be available in Japan from November 25 in three color choices silver black and white for 10,000 Yen ($ 85).

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  1. Maxell MXSP-1000 Speaker + iPod Dock: So Slim, It Doubles As A Concealed Weapon

    Yes, every iPod dock accomplishes the same task (charge the iPod, output audio/video signals to other equipment, etc.) but at least the MXP-1000 from Maxell looks different. I imagine that, given its long, pipe-like shape, it’d make a great bludgeon,…


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