Matushita’s new battery “Able to Continuously Drive Notebook PC for 13 Hours”

by Dhiram Shah

Matsushita Battery Industrial Co., Ltd. (MBI) has prototyped a cylindrical Li-ion secondary battery utilizing lithium nickel oxide for the positive electrode to enhance energy density. MBI presented the battery at “Intel Developer Forum fall (IDF) 2005,” the company newly developed a cylindrical cell (18650-size) for use in notebook computers. Compared to the prismatic cell, the cylindrical one is improved its volumetric energy density to 620 Wh/l. “We have calculated the energy density of the cylindrical cell, based on the capacity of the prismatic one. As a result, it was estimated only 600 Wh/l.

However, we could further boost the energy density by optimizing the packing structure,” said an MBI’s spokesperson. The company also demoed to drive a notebook computer “Let’s note (CF-T4)” by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. by using a battery pack of nine newly developed Li-ion secondary batteries. The spokesperson adds; “We plan to further extend the battery life to 13 hours at a continuous use.” Further, MBI announced to pursue joint development with Intel, aiming at longer drive time of notebook PCs.
Via Techon

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