Mattel Gives Hot Wheels Cars an Embedded Camera Upgrade

by ruchi

This year’s CES was had an overkill of Android powered gadgets. Even in that chaos Mattel’s new Hot Wheels offering could sweep just anybody off their feet. The makers have embedded these stunt toy cars with a miniature camera thereby letting you witness the mania of crazy diving at 1:64 the scale. This means you’d know what it takes to be a Hot Wheels driver. Hailed as Hot Wheels Video Racer, this car has it all to give one their daily dose of adrenaline rush.

The video camera here captures the footage of the car as it swings down on the track. Using a USB connection, the content can be transferred from the car to the PC. The inbuilt memory can hold about 12 minutes of VGA-quality video. If you need a quick look at the footage you can see it on the tiny LCD screen fitted on the underbelly of the car. This one will hit the stores during fall this year for a price of $59.99.

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