You would agree that this one’s a perfectly functional Italian Job star

by Gareth Mankoo

The Italian Job is a renowned movie based on a crime scene on the narrow streets of Italy. The highlight of the movie lies in the Mini Cooper that escapes cop-trap by trashing the garbage cans on the side-walk. This feature of the Cooper being petite and fast has been brought to life in the new edition by the Bulgarian design company Vilner. The outside of the bespoke “Italian Job” is a sleek silver paint that shimmers when the car speeds up. The top and trim are a magnificent contrast to the silver in matte black. The new interiors of this Cooper S conversion are seats of diamond-quilted Nappa leather, two-tone Alcantara coverings for the inner roof and pillar that offer oomph for the driver.

The cost is not yet unveiled but abiding by the theme of the Italian Job, the buyers might have to rob a bank.

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