Matrix style EMP Cannon to end long drawn out car chases, there goes the network ratings

by Shayne Rana

EMP or electromagnetic pulse has been a sci-fi technology that we’ve seen in quite a few movies. Who can forget the EMP canons used in the Matrix to defeat the Sentinel robots. But all of that’s now a reality, not at the Matrix level of course, but close enough. An EMP cannon prototype, developed by Eureka Aerospace geniuses, is capable of shutting off electrical components in a vehicle. It’ll soon be scaled down to fit into cop cars to end chases and even designed to be used in warfare. The system works exactly as you’ve seen in the movies. An electromagnetic pulse is fired from the device and when it passes though any system with micro or other electrical circuitry it’ll shut it off instantly.

It’s designed to be fired from a distance of up to 656 feet which is quite a range. While a lot of people are saying this will be great for the cops in hot pursuit as they can simply fire the pulse and shut down the chasee’s car, what I think is it works both ways don’t it? Imagine if the bad guys had the same device. It’d still end the chase rather quickly but not in good way obviously.

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